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modular stainless steel kitchen


Our stainless steel bench tops and kitchen collection gives you the quality, flexibility and style you need for your kitchen space. Crown Commercial Group offers stainless steel kitchen benching that you can purchase in a modular fashion

Choose from our line of offerings, which include work benches, sinks, drawers, dishwasher inlet and outlet benches, shelving, trolleys and free-standing units. We also offer stainless steel benches topped with beautiful granite for an elegant finish.

What to look for in kitchen benches ?

3.Simple convenience

Flexibility: Choosing modular pieces allows you the peace of mind of knowing you can move your kitchen easily whenever necessary. If you decide to relocate your business to a new building, hire a new head chef who feels that a different layout would be best for the kitchen, or purchase new appliances, modular equipment will ensure the changes don't require too much hassle.

Quality:It's important to choose commercial-grade benches for your space. This will ensure they can stand all the pounding, cutting, rolling and kneading that is characteristic of working with food.

Simple convenience: Simply Stainless designs promote workplace efficiency through convenient amenities. Because you can store equipment underneath our bench tops, it's easy for chefs and kitchen staff to reach for the tools they need. This can ultimately speed up and enhance their workflow in the kitchen. The smooth, seamless design of of our products also makes them easy to navigate.

Material: Choosing stainless steel materials for your kitchen (or upgrading to granite if you prefer its appearance) is a no-brainer. Steel is easy to clean, promotes sanitary conditions, holds up to frequent use and looks stylish, making it a perfect match for busy kitchens.



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Why Buy From Crown?

Crown has partnered with some of the best suppliers in the world to bring you top-notch products to use in your kitchen. Simply Stainless is just one such brand, and offers kitchen equipment for commercial kitchens, restaurants, food service operations and home kitchens from all around the world. The company also produces commercial-grade equipment for the medical, veterinary and hospitality industries.